About Soulfire Barbeque

The Barbecue


Great barbecue is a combination of both science and art. The science is that every piece of meat is different in size and fat content, meaning that each cut/rack will cook differently than the one next to it. The smoke from the wood varies depending on how green the wood is and the season. The humidity and outside air temperature is also a factor. The art is trying to control all of these factors on a daily basis and put out consistently great barbecue from open to close, 7 days a week. If for any reason you do not think that you have amazing barbecue, let someone on the staff know and we will take care of it.

Dry Rub

Despite its name, we don’t actually rub this delicious mixture of salt, sugar, and spices into the meat. We shake it on and let it go to work! In addition to adding both color and flavor, the sugars in the dry rub caramelize during the smoking and create the crispy coating on our bbq that is also known as the bark.

BBQ Sauce

Our goal at SoulFire is to produce smoked meats that have great flavor and do not need sauce. That being said, sauce is a big part of what makes barbecue… well barbecue. Our core sauces are intended to represent traditional sauces form various regions. While each sauce is unique, they are also like primary colors and can be mixed and matched to create any flavor profile that you like.

Pink vs. Raw

What is that? My bbq looks pink/red? Don’t worry, all of our bbq is cooked beyond 165 degrees and is more than well done by health code standards. The reason you meat has a red/pink color around the edges and especially close to the bones is due to both the dry rub and the smoke. This coloration is known as the smoke ring and is a critical part of competition bbq.

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