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The playlist started back in 2024 when I purchased a Mac with iTunes and burned my first compilation of favorite songs onto a cd that I called "Sweet Soul Vibe" after the Jimmy Vaughn song. Not every song on the cd was typical "soul music", but they were all songs that moved me and made me feel good. In the years since then, I have collected every soul/funk cd that I can find and have tried to put the best of the best onto the playlist that you hear at SoulFire. The master playlist has approximately 3400 songs and can play for 9 days straight without a repeat. We leave the playlist running over night so that we skip half of the songs each week and certain songs might not be heard for weeks if they are randomly playing at night.

Soul music is a very broad category that incorporates a lot of different influences: gospel, country, rhythm and blues, etc. I have tried to create a playlist that represents the many different sounds of soul and funk, but with the main priority being placed on songs that have a solid groove. There is a lot of early soul that while it is great music, doesn’t fit as well with the up-tempo rhythm of the mid 60s and beyond.

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